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Elbow - 19mm Double Barb × 5

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50 Meters of 19mm LDPE irrigation pipe with 31 other pieces included. This irrigation bundle contains everything you need to get started with your 19mm irrigation system. Emitters can be inserted directly into the pipe. You can also attach 13mm irrigation pipe or Drip Line to this kit.

 Please be aware that this is 19mm pipe which is larger than the standard 13mm size and has a much larger flow rate.

 Items Included In This Bundle



19mm LDPE Irrigation Pipe

50 Meters

  • 18mm internal diameter

  • 20mm (3/4 inch) external diameter

  • Perfect for our 19mm fittings and connectors

  • High UV resistance and 100% crack-resistant

  • Resists kinks and damage caused by routine landscape maintenance activities

  • Operating water pressure rating: up to 4 bar

 Please be aware this is a pipe not a hose, it is designed for punching and fitting connectors into. A thin walled pipe that is great for domestic and commercial irrigation systems. The pipe is flexible, UV stabilised and will resist damage from frost during the winter months, but you should be sure to drain the pipe as expanding water will cause damage. This pipe can be punctured with a hole punch for off-taking to irrigation pipe or to attach emitters.

This LDPE pipe is not suitable for deep installation and should NOT be used to carry human drinking water.

3/4 inch BSPF to 19mm Barbed Adaptor

1 Unit

Suitable for 19mm Internal Diameter LDPE pipe or hose.

Features a rubber washer inside the female thread to ensure a watertight seal. Use for connecting onto all of your sprinklers and other garden fittings. To connect to your 19mm pipe easily, warm the pipe and push over the barb fitting.

Filter – 3/4 Inch BSPF To 3/4 Inch BSPM 120 Mesh Screen

1 Unit

This Grow Insane Screen Filter features a 120 Mesh (only particles smaller than 1/8th of a millimetre can pass through) and can be easily installed into any irrigation systems to prevent particulates from entering and potentially blocking the system components. The screen filter is very easy to maintain, simply unscrew the filter cover and lift out the filter inside. No tools are necessary and the filter body can stay attached to your system while you clean the filter. Chemical and fertiliser resistant.

19mm Double Barbed Tees

10 units

Antelco have designed this 19mm Double Barb Tee connector from high quality materials to be heat, chemical and wear resistant. The design is double-barbed to offer a long term reliable connection between the pipe and connector. Useful for attaching an additional line to an irrigation system. For extra security: We recommend the use of a ratchet clamp to prevent pipe from slipping.

  • Premium quality product made by Antelco

  • Fits 19mm ID (internal diameter) pipes

  • Double barbed variation for extra secure fit

  • UV stabilised plastic for long life

Note: Ensure operating pressures do not exceed 300 kPa, pressure regulators are available if required.

19mm Double Barbed Elbow

5 units

Use this 19mm Antelco Double Barb Elbow Connector to guide your system around corners to avoid kinking the pipe.

  • Premium quality product made by Antelco, Australia

  • Fits 19mm ID (internal diameter) pipe/hose

  • Double barb for increased retention

  • Sharp-edged barbs create leak-proof seal

  • UV stabilised plastic for long life

Operating pressures should not exceed 300 kPa. The materials used during manufacture increase strength and give a superior composition that is heat, chemical and wear resistant. 

19mm Barbed End Plug / Goof Plug

10 Units

Essential component for sealing the end of pipe in low pressure micro irrigation systems. Used in conjunction with standard low pressure tubing. Antelco fittings are practical and durable.

  • Single barb connection.

  • UV stabilised materials for long life.

19mm to 19mm Barbed Valve. Antelco Green Back

4 Units

An on-off and variable flow control valve for use in low pressure irrigation systems.


  • Vari-Flow™ model allows for variable flow control by rotating the cap

  • Green Back valves designed for simple on-off operation and straight through flow

  • UV stabilised materials for long life

  • Operating pressure up to 350 kPa

  • Always install as an in-line valve with pipe connected to both inlet and outlet

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