Antelco CETA Pressure Regulated Drip Full Kit


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Components included:

    • 25 Meters Antelco LDPE Pipe 13mm
    • 50 x Antelco CETA 2L/H Barb Dripper 4mm
    • 1 x Antelco Key Punch
    • 8 x Single Barbed Tee Connectors 13mm
    • 10 x Antelco Asta Hose Hold Down Stakes
    • 10 x Antelco Single Barb Elbow Connector 13mm
    • 5 x Antelco End Line Plug 13mm
    • 1 x Antelco Inline Shut Off Valve 13mm
    • 1 x Antelco 13mm Snap-On to 3/4 Inch BSPF Tap Adaptor
    • 1 x Antelco Inline Snap-On Filter 13mm


If you love the quality of Antelco but don’t know exactly which components you will need to create a fully functioning drip irrigation kit, this is for you. This kit includes 25 meters of Antelco 13mm pipe as well as 50  Antelco (2 litre per hour) pressure compensating drippers. With this many emitters you can create an irrigation system with a water output of 100 litres per hour. All emitters are pressure compensating meaning they will emit steadily without being impeded by extreme high or low pressure in the system.  

Our Antelco 25M Ceta Pressure Regulated Drip Kit is a great value, fully comprehensive kit designed to make irrigation as easy as possible. This kit is perfect for watering flower beds, borders and planters efficiently. It contains all the essential components needed to allow for easy installation and for securing in place to prevent damage. Choosing Antelco means you won’t need to worry about components failing unexpectedly.   All parts are made from UV stabilised materials to ensure longevity and durability. We’ve included an Antelco filter so no particulates enter the system and an Antelco in-line valve so water flow can be manually turned on/off. For those with larger gardens, we also sell Antelco pipe by the meter.   We’ve included a female Snap-On connector for quick and easy connection to 3/4 inch garden taps using a Snap-On fitting. Additional connectors and pipe line can be used to extend your system at any time. The variety of connectors included allows for flexibility in how the pipe is laid to suit your individual irrigation environment.   Operating pressures should not exceed 300 kPa (3 Bar). The kit is fully compatible with water timers (not included) to allow for fully automated day to day watering and when you are away from your property. If you have any questions about this kit or any of our other products please get in touch. We’re available via email or phone.