Micro 4mm 25 Meters and 94 piece Kit

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A high quality irrigation bundle with everything you need to get started with a micro irrigation system. Featuring 25 meters of pipe and a whopping 94 other items.

All of our components are rigorously tested and reviewed by customers and irrigation professionals. Although other sellers offer flimsy stakes and other items, everything we provide is sturdy, reliable and long-lasting.


This set includes the following components:

  • 25 meters of high grade PVC Micro Pipe

  • 10 x Windproof Micro Stakes

  • 30 x Take Apart Drippers (4 Litre per Hour output)

  • 20 x 4mm Goof / End Plugs

  • 1 x Garden Tap (3/4 inch BSP thread) to 4mm Micro Pipe Connector

  • 3 x Micro 4mm Cross Connectors

  • 10 x Micro Straight Connectors

  • 10 x Micro Tee Connectors

  • 10 x Micro 4mm Elbow Connectors

The huge, unbeaten variety of connectors we provide allow you to create a micro irrigation in any layout imaginable. Each Emitter has an output of 4 Litres per Hour, and with 30 Emitters, you can easily water over 60 plants at once.  Each Emitter can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Our 4mm End / Goof plugs allow you to repair mistakes and amend your layout without worrying about leaky lose ends. Use our Elbow Connectors to create a 90 degree angle in your pipe without any hassle. The Straight Connectors make it easy to reconnect pre-cut Micro Pipe or to extend your irrigation setup in future without any stress.

For information about any other components, or to buy any of these components individually, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a huge range of 4mm, 13mm and 19mm components and a team of expert staff to handle any of your irrigation questions.

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