Emitter – 180 Sprayer Spike with 4mm Barb and 4mm adaptor


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These 180 degree Sprayer distribute a constant spray of water over a larger area than drippers.

Distributing water in 180 degree patterns, these are particularly good for paths, planter boxes and nurseries.

The 180 degree Sprayer was designed with an easy to use finger-tip flow control with an option for shut-off. It has a 10 cm spike to anchor your sprayer at the base of the plant and a 4mm barbed connector for securely attaching your 4mm ID Micro-irrigation pipe.

  1) Simply pierce a hole in your supply pipe using a 4mm hole punch. 2) Insert one end of the hypodermic joiner into your 4mm mico pipe. 3) Insert the other end of the Hypodermic joiner into your newly punched hole. 4) Connect your staked emitter to the micro-pipe  

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