LDPE Drip Line – 40cm Intervals 2L/H – 13mm Sold by the meter


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13mm internal diameter, 16mm external diameter drip line. Each coil is 400 metres long but can be provided in smaller increments. The drippers are evenly spaced at 40cm intervals. Each emitter emits 2 litres per hour of water at 1 Bar of water pressure. Pressure Regulators are available from our shop. This dripline functions effectively with water pressures up to 4 bar and is continuously self-flushing to prevent blockages and damage to the dripline.   

Water Pressure

Water Output Per Dripper (Litres Per Hour)

0.5 Bar (7.25 PSI)


1 Bar (14.5 PSI)


1.5 Bar (21.76 PSI)

2 Bar (29.01 PSI)


2.5 Bar (36.26 PSI)


3 Bar (43.51 PSI)


3.5 Bar (50.76 PSI)


  With drip line irrigation, it is recommended that systems are installed using a ‘grid’ layout – made by cutting the LDPE drip line and connecting it together in a grid shape using barbed connectors. Alternatively, drip line can also be installed as a single or ‘snaked’ line when the area is too small to justify a grid installation. This versatile drip line can be installed both on top of the soil (or mulch) or buried beneath.

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