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Multi Pattern Water Hose Gun Garden Adjustable Spray Nozzle


Don’t you wish your spray gun did everything you needed it to? Replacing your hose nozzle for every other task can get tedious over time. Our 7 patterned Hose Gun has a direct jet setting for cleaning caked in dirt on tough surfaces like your house sidings, decks and more. For your gardening needs and everything else, simply turn on the front dial to switch between shower, mist, flat, soaker, cone and centre settings.


7 DIFFERENT SPRAY PATTERNS: Switch to exactly which pattern you need to get the job done

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our Multi-pattern water hose nozzle is made from robust, impact-resistant ABS material for a tougher frame. It easily withstands accidental knocks and drops on solid concrete!

HANDY LOCKING CLIP: This adjustable garden spray nozzle also features a convenient locking clip for the trigger. Simply flip the clip over to the trigger to keep a steady water flow and remove needless work from your hands and arms. Great for watering garden plants, giving your car a wash, and cleaning your sidings

COMFORTABLE RIBBED GRIP: For better handling, we’ve also designed our garden spray hose’s grip with an ergonomic, soft-touch design. This ergonomic handle design eliminates slipping and arm fatigue over extended usage

NO LEAKS: Our adjustable water nozzle attaches to standard garden hoses



Setting up this garden hose nozzle couldn’t be simpler. Don’t bother with separate nozzles — just pop it into a standard garden hose and fire away!

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