Emitters are great for getting the water exactly where you need it. Grow Insane supply emitters for a range of needs, be it drippers, sprayers, sprinklers or misters.
We have emitters that come in 2 variations, 4mm barb and 4mm easy-screw fitting, the barb can be inserted directly into garden irrigation hose (hole punches available if needed), the easy screw fitting can be screwed into our rigid risers or directly into LDPE pipe.
For larger projects, we recommend using our Antelco Screw in emitters that you can buy in 5 different variations to suit all needs, including; 360 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, Vertical Strip and Misters.
They can also be purchased as a stake variety, in-line and end-line.
You can combine these with support stakes, adaptors & risers allowing you elevate your spray patterns to sure you’re getting the water exactly where you need it.

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